Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Snack: Back to School

Love it or hate it, summer is coming to an end (despite this sudden heat wave). I’ve already seen some trees starting to change color and school is starting soon.  My college classes start on Monday (tomorrow. what?) and I’m actually really looking forward to it.  My textbooks have arrived and my pens and paper are ready to go, but no matter how ready I am, I never feel completely mentally prepared for school to start.  To try to ease the unreadiness I feel, I’ve made the following list of links to help myself prepare both mentally and physically for school.      

Start with a good breakfast:
I like the idea of a quick and healthy smoothie.
Breakfast burritos are one of my favorites. Freeze them ahead of time.  They can be vegan too!
My favorite breakfast muffins.

As a way to save money and eat healthier, I pack my own lunch.  I found some good ideas here, here, and here.  

Here are some good ways to keep from feeling overwhelmed and full of anxiety.  And even if anxiety gets the best of you, keep your head up, stay positive, and be a good person.
“Happiness is a choice, it’s just difficult to choose sometimes.”

And if all hell breaks loose, watch some inspirational videos of a quadriplegic kitten learning to walk.  If Lincoln can get that mouse, I can write this paper!  

Hope you’re enjoying your last day(s) of summer.  I know I am!

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