Monday, May 27, 2013

Creamy Avocado Pasta

I like to eat food.  I like to eat good food. I like to eat good food that’s filled with carbs and fats and sugars.  I will probably never naturally gravitate towards a raw, paleo, or gluten-free diet. (Though I was a hard core vegetarian in high school.  I just ate a lot of donuts... just kidding.)  But as I get older, I see my body as a machine:  if I take care of this machine and give it all the nutrition it needs, it will run well and I will have minimal problems.  But if I don’t take care of this wonderful machine, it won’t work efficiently.  I will be tired, irritable, and have trouble concentrating.

That being said, I feel like mealtime is a constant battle between what I want to eat and what I need to eat.  But what if I could have both?  What if I had a handful of meal ideas that tasted amazing and were good for me at the same time?  This is exactly what I’m trying to come up with and I’d like to share with you one of my first meals.

Creamy Avocado Pasta
2 ripe avocados
1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice
2-3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, approximately
1 spoonful of minced garlic
A pinch of salt
1 large tomato, chopped, or several cherry tomatoes
4 servings of uncooked pasta, (whole wheat, gluten-free, or regular.)

1. Bring a pot of water up to a rolling boil. Add the pasta and stir occasionally.

2. Slice the avocados in half, remove the pit and scoop the ‘meat’ into a bowl.  Take a fork and mash it up a bit.

3. Now it’s time to add the lemon juice, EVOO and garlic.  This is a good time to personalize your meal: if you want the lemon and/or garlic flavor to stand out, add more of it.  The EVOO is use to thin the avocado mixture, so add it according to how thin or thick you want yours to be.  Add salt to taste and stir.

4. When the pasta is cooked, drain it, and place in a large serving bowl.  Add the avocado mixture and the tomatoes.  Stir it all together and serve immediately.

This dish tastes like a beautiful combination of fettuccine alfredo and guacamole.  It’s so good I could eat it every day. In fact, as long as I had this, I may never need to eat fettuccine alfredo ever again.  And that’s really saying something, because I really like alfredo!  Plus, avocadoes are much healthier for you than cream, butter, and cheese (alfredo) will ever be.  The only downside to this dish is that the avocado will oxidize after a few hours and turn brown, so it’s not the best dish to store for leftovers.  But, this meal is so good that eating it all won’t be a problem.

Hip hip hooray for avocados!


  1. Yup, I'm totally going to try this. Sounds absolutely delicious!

    1. Thanks, Angel! Looking at the pictures of it always makes me hungry. I may need to have it for dinner myself!